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This often- ignored fruit is a great option for those who want to burn more fat. Green tea comes on the top in the list of fat burning foods. 1 cup of green tea would not help much, but having 3- 4 cups in a day can burn up to 80 calories without any exercise. These are 10 of the best fat burning foods that anyone engaging in physical activity could consider as a part of their diet, making it easier to lose weight.

Make a habit to drink green tea over black tea or coffee. But there are foods that have properties that cause them to burn fat as they' re ingested. Most people think of eating as a way to increase fat in the body, not lose it. Take a look and see what changes you can make in your diet to achieve your perfect weight! 11 Sun- Dried Tomatoes. In a study of 19 healthy adults when calorie intake was restricted by 20% capsaicin was found to counteract the slowdown in metabolic rate that typically occurs with decreased calorie intake ( 57 ). Just Three More for a Total of 15 Fat Burning Foods Green Tea. Fat burner natural food.

Include these foods in your regular diet and enjoy them knowing that you' re burning calories as you eat. 5 Sweet Potatoes. 14 Pork Tenderloin.

7 Dark Chocolate. Green tea not only helps in burning body fat, it has so many other advantages. 40 Best- Ever Fat- Burning Foods 1 Cayenne Pepper.

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Just Three More for a Total of 15 Fat Burning Foods Green Tea. As I mention on my Lose Weight with Green Tea page,.

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Recent studies have shown that vinegar activates enzymes in your body that break down fat. Apples and Pears.

These two fruits contain very high levels of a fat burning. What' s more, this compound may also help you burn more calories and lose body fat ( 55, 56 ).

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